Disconnect to Reconnect

Dear Reader,

How are you? Take a deep breath and answer this truthfully. In the current, chaotic state of life that we have been thrust into this year: how are you physically? Can you take a moment to release some tension from your muscles? How do you feel emotionally? Are you being true to yourself and allowing yourself to feel these emotions? When times are difficult, our inner warrior often shows up ready to defend, telling us to push our emotions to the side and prepare to fight. Our emotions take a back burner because we don’t want to feel vulnerable. How do you feel spiritually? Are you keeping faith in yourself and what you believe in, even though you may be questioning your circumstances or feeling fearful?

My friend, I hope that this letter, long overdue, finds you in peace and comfort even though aspects of your life may be in a state of dis-ease. My heart goes out to you and all who have been affected by this pandemic or the current state of our society. Know that you are not alone; this year has brought powerful shifts and unforeseen devastation all over the world, and everyone is facing it in their own way. I hope you and your family are in good health, and that you are taking time for your wellbeing. This is such a powerful and important time for treating yourself and others with the utmost kindness and love! Be compassionate and forgiving. You never know how someone may be suffering, especially in times like this.

Everything has changed for me since the beginning of this year. I am sure that you might be feeling the same way. I have found it hard to connect with the things that usually inspire me, to clear my mind of clutter and fear, and to find routine in a world that is buzzing with an unusual level of chaos. It seems that we are being called to dig extra deep and find our peace within, as well as shed old skin and release things that do not serve us anymore.

Speaking of shedding old skin, try listening to this song by Fia that I find comforting. ❤️

I simply wanted to encourage you to continue fighting. When the world challenges us and makes it difficult to live the way we are used to, it is our responsibility to adapt and dig deeper. We have all the necessary tools within us to keep going and to enjoy this life to the fullest. Are you adapting?

If you are finding it hard to remove yourself from the current situation you are living in and release stress, you may find it helpful to simply…disconnect. It may seem silly, but this goes farther than turning your phone off for a day and ignoring the negativity on Facebook. This is a pure, soulful dedication to detoxing as much of the negative influence in your life as possible.

To find peace, you have to be willing to lose your connection with the people, places, and things that create all the noise in your life.

Right now, I see the incredible importance of self discipline; in realizing that you have a choice in what you think and how you feel each and every day even when all the outside circumstances seem grim. 2020 has been an incredibly historic and monumental year. And regardless of the pain or discord it has caused, you were put here to experience it for a reason. Can you allow whatever has happened in your life, in the past few weeks or months, to stimulate growth within you and lead you to peace instead of a place of darkness?

We (myself heavily included in this one) tend to resist change in our lives and hold onto whatever makes us most comfortable. It is simply human to want to control every moment of our lives because we want to avoid any sort of danger or dis-ease that may come our way. You may find it much easier to worry about what may happen next than to look forward to it, and that’s okay; it is simply human programming, and we must retrain our brains to live in a more peaceful state. Right now, controlling your life and what is going on around you may be completely impossible and incredibly stressful. We are living in uncertain times. But take a deep breath, and know you can handle this. If we take this time to work on ourselves internally, we allow our collective consciousness to grow!

By disconnecting from the current craziness around us, we can connect more deeply to ourselves and use this time of great change and metamorphosis to our benefit. Life does not have to be put on hold!

  • Differentiate between what you can and cannot control. If you see no solution to the problem, release it to the universe. You are only creating stress and overwhelm for yourself by holding on to what it outside of your reach.
  • Start each day from a place of kindness. Can you wake up each morning with a renewed prospective and be loving both to yourself and others? Although we may desperately want to create change in the greater world around us, we must start within our own lives and communities so that the ripple affect can grow. This means disconnecting from the part of us that wants to achieve the impossible and realizing small things matter too.
  • Find a constant. Life is moving faster than ever and everything feels a little scary right now. What comforts you? What can you dedicate yourself to each day? What stills your heart and brings you to a place of light? A cup of tea in the morning? A yoga flow when you first wake up? A walk in the park as the sun sets? Playing with your dog, or listening to your favorite podcast? Do it every single day.
  • Remove yourself from negativity. Let go of the people, habits, or circumstances in your life that are harming you. If something isn’t fitting into your life or causing you pain, release it. We are already carrying so much right now. And yes, this does include turning off the news and resisting the pulls of social media. 😉 Saying no can be easier than you think. You know what is holding you back. Release it, and let the relief flow through your body.
  • Do what you love to do. You can create beautiful things even under unusual circumstances and incredible pressure. This may even be the perfect time to try something new. Write a book. Pick up an instrument. Sing your heart out or dance in your kitchen. Create a piece of art. Enjoy yourself and the present moment. It is in your hands to nurture your soul.

Need something to inspire you? Watch this. 😊

The past few months have been filled with incredible highs and lows for me as well. I was trying so hard to force my life to be exactly what I wanted and expected. I have accepted that I have little control over what may happen, but every bit of power in how I face what comes my way. I think this is a lesson we can all benefit from right now. In these past few weeks, I have begun to feel inspiration and acceptance and love flood into my heart once again. It’s as if someone grabbed the snow globe of my life and shook it up, and by allowing the pieces to fall where they may, things have begun to make sense again. I have found a fresh perspective and been led to new adventures I couldn’t have expected. New dreams and possibilities are unfolding before me. Treating each day as a stepping stone to where I want to get instead of trying to see the path ahead has allowed the bigger picture to seem less scary. Spending time with nature, daily yoga, meditation, and really allowing space for healing has made a huge difference in how I am perceiving my every day situations.

The seasons are changing yet again, and as we leave an eventful Summer behind, I hope Fall brings reflection, peace, and hope to your heart. You have all the strength and courage you need within you to disconnect from the chaos and reconnect to what matters in your life!

Thank you for being on this journey with me. I am glad to reconnect with you again.


Skyler Breanne

Take 5-7 minutes to ground yourself every morning with one of my favorite daily podcasts! 🧘‍♀️


3 thoughts on “Disconnect to Reconnect

  1. I really needed this. Life has been incredibly stressful lately because of things outside of my control, so thank you for telling me to take a step back and just breathe through it. This entry was very well written. I love your blog! ❤

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