5 Healthy Ways to Welcome Spring!

After what has been an undeniably harsh winter all over the country and around the world, tomorrow is finally the first day of Spring! The Spring Equinox is a time to reset and renew. Winter often wears heavy on the human body and spirit, draining our energy and affecting our overall wellness. Tension can build up especially quickly in the body during this time and spending most of our time indoors means missing the sunlight and getting less exercise.

The snow is finally melting and the Earth is turning green again. Birds are singing and it’s almost time to get outside! There’s no better time to prepare your body, mind, and home for the new, beautiful season ahead and all that it holds for you! This Spring Equinox promises to be full of good energy as there is a full moon to highlight the evening as well. Let go of the winter blues and welcome in the fresh feeling of spring with these five easy tips.

Cleanse and Refresh Your Space

Making your home feel fresh and renewed takes more than just a little spring cleaning! Of course, it is important to start by decluttering your space. Physical mess in our environment and lack of clean, open space can negatively affect our brain and emotions. Having a clean home can help you feel more at ease and improve your focus. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed! Take your time, give yourself a day or two to deep clean your home and notice how much better you feel afterward. Then bring in the fresh energy of spring by adding some new greenery or flowers such as tulips, daffodils, or daisys around the home. Add some spring color by accessorizing with pastels, lavender tones, and pinks. Light, fresh colors are sure to brighten up any space! If you believe in cleansing the energy of a home, smudging the rooms with sage and then opening up the windows to allow fresh air in is a great little ritual to finish up your cleaning and re-energize the environment. Light some candles or some incense and relax.

Try a Detox Yoga Flow

Winter is the perfect time to store fat and toxins in your body; we’re exercising less, eating more, and perhaps celebrating the season with a few drinks here and there. There are many yoga poses that are excellent for digestion and detox of the organs. Many “twist” style poses are great for rinsing toxins from the body; like wringing out a sponge and removing excess water. There are poses to stimulate the kidneys or liver, and poses that promote healthy blood flow. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or looking to get started, a detox yoga flow is the perfect way to give your body and mind a natural cleanse and feel your best for spring. Give this one from the beautiful Yoga with Adriene a try in the comfort of your home, or you can search for a public class nearby that’s right for you!

Start a Windowsill Herb Garden

Visit Olive and Cocoa for a step-by-step herb garden guide!

The best thing about a cute little windowsill garden of herbs is that everyone has room for them and everyone has use for them! Most herbs are simple to grow so long as they receive enough light and water, and everyone can find use for them in their everyday recipes. Basil, chives, lavender, oregano, thyme, parsley, sage, or rosemary are a few good choices with a multitude of uses. They are are also fragrant and beautiful! Seeds, a few pots that you’ve chosen, and organic fertilizer and potting soil are all you need to create a personalized garden that is sure to brighten up you window and that can be used all year long. You can find all these products at any local gardening store or even the outdoor section of Home Depot and Walmart.

Get Cooking

Spring is a vegetarian dream because our favorite fruits and veggies come into season; carrots, cherries, asparagus, onions, artichokes, strawberries, sugar peas, leafy greens and more are perfect to use for cooking or baking. Try these amazing recipes for asparagus and eggs, veggie spring rolls, and spring pasta or blend up some smoothies using greens and berries.

Go for a Picnic ❤️

Here in the Colorado mountains it is still much too cold for a picnic in the park, but if you live somewhere warm, take advantage of the opportunity to connect with nature again and enjoy some spring foods next to your favorite stream or near a favorite hiking spot. Enjoy the company of someone you love or go alone and take a journal to record your thoughts and hopes for the months to come.


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