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Hello everyone!

I hope this post is finding you safe and well. We are in the midst of crazy times, and I hope you’re being consistent in finding ways to relax and take care of yourself. Compassion for ourselves, one another, and the planet is of utmost importance now and always. ❤

Holistic, natural medicine and herbal remedies are an amazing way to support and nurture your health. For thousands of years our ancestors have practiced the art of crafting herbs and plants into tinctures, salves, oils, and teas to care for themselves. Now is a great time to get into the habit of using these methods to soothe and protect your immune and nervous systems.

Roots Apothecary is an amazing and reliable brand that has been researching and developing holistic products backed by science since 2014. They are dedicated to providing only the highest quality, reliable herbal remedies to support whole body health. They are also extremely passionate about sustainability; sourcing eco friendly ingredients, using only earth-friendly packaging, and donating funds to the National Forest Foundation to support reforestation.

BE1970DE-BB04-422C-AABC-04110B4085FDRoots offers a stunning and handcrafted array of products, from high quality essential oil blends to thoughtfully made skin care creams. You can really feel the love and care that goes into each and every product. What makes it even better is that the prices are incredibly fair and affordable; the wonderful people at Roots simply want to spread compassion, knowledge, and a feeling of wellness in their communities. I’m seriously in LOVE and there is so much I want to try to help me look and feel my best in these stressful times. A little natural care can go a long way! The herbal blends used to craft these products are simple, powerful, and free of any unnecessary ingredients. They boast amazing reviews and customer satisfaction worldwide.

D7E657C4-C89F-434F-BBFC-18DF8C39F450Paying particular attention to your immune system is obviously incredibly important. Roots Apothecary makes it easy to find products that can bring you a little more peace of mind by organizing all their immune boosting oils, teas, and tincture blends in one convenient section right on their website. Recently I tried the Gaia Thieves and Bergamot essential oil blends. These essential oils have been steam distilled and cold pressed for purity. Both are incredible formulas for awakening and uplifting the senses, helping you maintain a healthy mood and supporting your immune system. Gaia Thieves contains especially beneficial herbs such as cinnamon, clove, and eucalyptus. Bergamot is great for stress relief and sleep, which are incredibly important to manage when the body needs to fight off illness and disease. Diffusing or inhaling the aroma of these oils can be an easy way to care for yourself throughout the day. Roots even offers these oils in convenient rollers to carry in your purse or bag. I also highly recommend the inflammation tincture, which contains incredible health boosters such as turmeric, ginger and black pepper that also help combat environmental toxins that can cause inflammation in the body. Since I’ve started using these products, I’ve seen an overall boost in my wellbeing and relief from consistent fatigue.

1D1DA052-8409-4ECA-AD8D-EA6587FEDD22If you’re looking for something to help support general health and energy, try their Adaptive Cacao super drink, a blend of deliciously creamy cacao and nourishing mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane. Treat yourself with one of their incredibly scented and pure bar soaps, gentle enough for your face and even great for use on hair. Combat pain and fatigue with their magnesium muscle spray and mineral bath salts. They even offer amazing natural deodorants and beard oils! Find the product you’re looking for simply with their online product recommendations form.

F5CA269B-9F8A-43FF-98DF-FFBC6D8E1B13Another way to support your body and mind during this time is CBD. CBD is excellent for caring for the nervous and immune systems. It can help fight pain, infection, nausea, and other ailments. NaCHer CBD, a sister company of Roots Apothecary, offers full spectrum CBD products at affordable prices, free from BS additives. These organically made elixirs and balms can be incredibly therapeutic and beneficial, relieving stress, muscle cramps, and more. Check out their beautiful CBD line at

Roots Apothecary is based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their beautiful shop has an incredibly welcoming feel and a friendly, knowledgable staff. Crystals, books, and handcrafted wooden shelves create a naturally calm atmosphere. Once everything gets back to normal, a trip to their shop is sure to lift your mood and make you smile! At this time, they are currently only accepting online orders. To further help in supporting your health, they offer free shipping on ALL Colorado orders and orders $50 or more! They also have a free and simple return policy if you aren’t satisfied. (Trust me, you will be!)


Roots and NaCHer CBD are offering ALL of my readers a permanent discount code: SKYLERBREANNE. Use my code for 20% off your order every time as a thank you for supporting Roots Apothecary and Skyler Breanne!

If you are separated from a family member or someone you miss right now, Roots products also make an excellent gift and are a great way to help care for someone you love during this pandemic. ❤

Learn more and place your order now @ or

Use code SKYLERBREANNE for 20% off your order EVERY TIME!

Follow them on instagram @roots_apothecary and @naCHerCBD.

Contact them with any comments or questions @ 719-373-1889 or

From the bottom of my heart I wish you health and safety now and always! I hope you enjoy Roots products as much as I am and they offer you the support you need during turbulent times.

“Holistic methods & modern knowledge”

Please understand Roots Apothecary cannot give out any medical advice for any medical condition. Our products and information have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure disease. If you have a medical condition, please contact a health professional. If you believe you may have the symptoms of COVID-19, please seek medical help. 


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