The Best Crystals for New Beginnings 🌀

There are so many ways in which the energy of crystals can support us in rough and turbulent times. As Spring approaches, we often feel more motivation to set our sights on our goals and dreams, making them a reality. As flowers bloom and new life returns to the earth, we feel a positive shift in out own state of being. We begin to plant the seeds of success in Spring and Summer so that we can harvest the benefits at the end of the year. It’s a time when we light our inner fire and put in the work to make big things happen in our lives. By keeping a crystal near your work space, in your pocket, in your handbag, or holding onto it during meditation or spiritual practices, we can welcome in the energy of that crystal to assist us in facilitating those big changes and new beginnings. Here are a few crystals that fit the bill when it comes to starting fresh and dreaming big.


Howlite was discovered in 1868 by a chemist named Henry How. It is only mined in the U.S. and Canada. It is considered a relatively rare gemstone. It’s appearance is that of white marble featuring black or brown veins throughout.

This stone is said to reduce stress and anger, heighten awareness, and help you to be patient. Great for when you’re working on a big goal or project and feel a bit anxious or pressed to get it done quickly. Howlite is perfect for helping you welcome in new beginnings with a calm, clear, and present mind.

It is also said that Howlite can help you formulate ambitions and achieve them, and can facilitate productive communication.

If you’re facing a fresh start or looking to get something done, keep Howlite in your pocket or wear it as jewelry to make the transition as smooth as possible.

BumbleBee Jasper

BumbleBee Jasper is a stone that carries the essence of spring itself.
It helps keep you “buzzing” all day with positive energy and an optimistic attitude. It radiates happiness and joy and is the perfect stone to welcome in new beginnings or face big changes with an open heart and mind.

This crystal was recently discovered in the 1990’s, and is only found in West Java, Indonesia. It has a black/grey/yellow appearance.

Since BumbleBee Jasper resonates with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, it helps to inspire creativity, open mindedness, and confidence in one’s self. It can aid you in accepting change and finding new opportunities.

This is THE crystal to keep you happy and uplifted while making big changes in your life or facing new challenges. It may also help you manifest your dream job, dream house, or dream vacation. The sky is the limit with BumbleBee Jasper.


Ammonites are actually fossils of extinct marine mollusks called ammonoids. They are absolutely beautiful and unique, varying in size, color, and shine. They have a gorgeous sheen to them, similar to Labradorite.

The spiral shape of this fossil is said to represent change and positive motion. It is believed that the spiral draws in negative energy and filters it through the chambers of the fossil to release fresh and positive energy instead.

The ammonite is said to be associated with ancient knowledge and the third eye chakra. It helps with transition, transformation, and personal growth. It can also be a powerful aid in being open to receive fresh and innovative forces available to you, and may produce some new ideas or insights regarding creativity, goals, and dreams.

The ammonite had many uses across ancient Europe; including folk medicine, honoring ancestors, and connecting to ancient sources of knowledge.

When dreaming of new beginnings or starting a new chapter in life, ammonite is the perfect crystal to keep nearby, as it filters the energy around you and helps you see your next step clearly.

Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is a fairly abundant crystal found in many places all over the world, including Australia, Mexico, Madagascar, India, and the U.S. Most commonly, it is a black and white stone with a beautiful rainbow sheen in the light, similar to regular moonstone; it can also be found in other color variations.

This crystal has been used for hundreds of years as a protection stone, especially for women and babies. It is thought to represent love, fertility, intuition, magic, hope, and spiritual purity.

Black moonstone is perfect for new beginnings because it carries the energy of the new moon; encouraging hope and inspiration. It is great in aiding the start of new pursuits, relationships, or pregnancies, repelling negative energy along the way. It is associated with the crown chakra and encourages you to dream big and aim high. Black moonstone says, “follow the natural rhythms of life and go with the flow.” Black moonstone will help you connect to spiritual guidance and your higher self when going through big changes or the start of something new.


Carnelian is a stone of so many great uses and purposes. If you’re just getting into crystals, I highly recommend making this one of your first purchases.

Carnelian is another crystal that can be found all over the world, including Brazil, India, Egypt, and even the Amazon. It ranges in color, from light orange to bright red or reddish brown.

This crystal is a stone of courage and inspiration, and warriors would wear it into battle for these exact purposes. The Egyptians linked it to the goddess Isis, and was even thought to ward away sickness and plague.

Carnelian is a fire stone, and represents personal power and confidence, enabling you to speak your truth and say yes to spontaneity. It helps you to embrace the fiery energy of the now, and move forward even when you feel weak or depleted. It is thought to awaken your zest for life and give you a buzz of creative energy.

Carrying carnelian on you when facing new beginnings can help you let go of what doesn’t serve you and find your true calling, leading you to become your highest self.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate is one of my absolute favorite crystal varieties. To me, it’s another one that gives off that Spring vibe; it refreshes my energy and breathes new life and clarity into my mind and spirit. It is a semiprecious stone that has a green marble look to it, literally resembling the earth and its greenery. It is found mostly in central Europe, the western U.S., India, Uruguay, and Brazil.

This crystal may be especially good if your new beginning is a new relationship or friendship; it is said to foster a sense of connection and aid in building solid foundations in relationships.

It encourages tranquility and emotional balance, helping you to see beauty in all things and find stability in life. It is associated with the heart chakra and draws us closer to nature and our true self. Moss Agate encourages us to trust in spiritual guidance and know we are being led on our own unique path. You are exactly where you are meant to be!

If you’re looking to attract wealth, abundance, and overall health, Moss Agate is the stone for you.


Whether we are pursuing our dreams and goals, seeking a fresh start, or facing a new beginning, we could all use a little luck, right? That’s where jade comes in. This one is a great St. Patrick’s Day stone. (;

Jade can be found in Russia, China, Guatemala, the Swiss Alps, New Zealand, Myanmar, and many other locations around the world. For the purpose of luck and prosperity, green jade is the most sought after, but it can actually be found in many other colors and varieties. It has been used for thousands of years around the globe, and is especially admired in China and in Chinese medicine. It is one of the most famed healing crystals.

This crystal is the epitome of abundance, luck, peace, and general well being. It removes negative thought patterns so you can make room for new, healthy habits and ways of thinking.
Jade is highly prized and can be an expensive and rare find; you’ll hardly find Jade in abundance when visiting a crystal shop. It is especially beneficial when worn as jewelry; continuing to attract money, success, and good luck to you.

If you are needing a bit of luck for a new opportunity ahead or a fresh start this Spring, Jade may be your perfect match.


Last but certainly not least, we add another green/blue stone to our list with Amazonite. It can be found all over the world, from the riverbanks of South America, to Russia, India, Madagascar, Ethiopia, and even Colorado and Virginia in the U.S.

This stone was said to line the shields of Amazon warriors and was even found on the tomb of King Tut.

If you’re looking for a new beginning in the sense of getting physically, emotionally, or spiritually healthy, Amazonite might be the perfect choice for you.

It also helps to heal past traumas so we can move forward more freely. It aids in finding comfort in your own skin, following your heart, and opening yourself up to the infinite possibilities before you. Amazonite represents peace, truth, harmony, and communication. It is related mostly to the throat chakra, making it another good stone for speaking your truth or finding your inner voice. It also helps to sooth our nerves so we can overcome anything that may be holding us back from what we really desire.

If you’re looking for a manifestation stone to compliment the new beginnings of Spring and Summer, look no further than Amazonite.

As you begin to awaken from the snow kissed, restful months of Winter into the energizing and blissful Spring time, I hope you can let the earth inspire you to start fresh and grow something new in your life. This time of renewal can give us the energy we need to chase our dreams or find a fresh start, whether it be with a new relationship, goal, hobby, home, or wellness regimen. Crystals can be a great way to supplement your efforts and manifest what you’re looking for this season.

Sending you all the Spring blessings, love, and light. xx

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