3 Tips for Creating a Mindful Meditation Space in Your Home

As we continue to move into 2020, we settle into not only a new year, but a new decade. The foundation that we lay now may define the next ten or more years of our future. In these early months of the year, it is important to focus in on what matters to us and what our goals are as we take another step in life. This first month of the year for me has been productive, eye opening, and cleansing in it’s own way. I am feeling hopeful and open about the opportunities and possibilities ahead, and I hope you are as well. ❤

Your spiritual health is of utmost importance. No matter your religion or beliefs, taking time to focus on your inner well being and reconnect with your spirit can be revolutionary in the way you live your life. Taking even ten minutes out of your day to connect to your breath and disconnect from social media and the constant need to be doing something can be crucial in today’s world. Daily meditation can aid in calming anxiety and focusing the mind, help you connect spiritually, inspire mindfulness, and boost creativity. Meditation can open doors to self exploration and manifestation of your goals and dreams.

Maybe you’re starting 2020 off with the goal of incorporating more meditation into your daily or even weekly routine. Meditation can seem intimidating, but once you begin it is a pleasant and inspiring journey inward. One easy way to encourage yourself to make time for the meditation and relaxation that you so rightfully deserve is by creating a calming and tranquil space just for that purpose.

B9C50DDD-BC04-4476-AF2E-F68C337E6967By creating a place to sit and meditate, you motivate yourself to come to this safe space each day, or whenever you choose, and simply be. This place is one where you can relax your mind and release tension; curate self love and recenter for whatever else is ahead. A sacred area that is all your own.

This place may be a small corner of your room, in front of your favorite window, in a cozy library or office space, or even in a basement or attic. Anywhere you feel comfortable and relaxed will do.

Disclaimer: you can meditate any time or anywhere that you want or need! You do not need a fancy space to meditate; you can be on your couch, in your bed, on the floor, or even in a public place. However, having a comfortable and quiet center to meditate can help encourage you to do it more often and also serve as a special haven to come home to after a long day. 

1 – Give Yourself a Comfortable Seat


When you begin meditating, it helps to start by sitting for shorter periods of time, anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. As you progress your meditation practice, you may find that you enjoy sitting for thirty minutes or even an hour! It is important to have a comfortable place where you can sit up tall without fidgeting too much and remain relaxed. While something to sit on is not required, you can use a yoga block, a folded blanket, a pillow, or even a rolled up towel. Lifting the hips can help lengthen the spine and make it easier to sit for long periods of time. Plus, you want your meditation seat to be cozy and inviting to you; somewhere you look forward to sitting after a long day or to start your morning. If you’re so inclined, you can even purchase special meditation cushions or chairs to incorporate in your space. I personally use a fluffy pillow and it works just fine for me, but some of the cushions look pretty amazing and may be worth investing in eventually.

2 – Decorate Your Meditation Space Mindfully

When it comes to decorating the cozy alcove you’re creating for yourself, it is important to be mindful about what you incorporate and that you don’t clutter the space. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed in this area; you want to be able to breathe and stretch out if you choose.

FC944699-0700-4DAE-9E7A-791E86DB8E71You might want to use a small table or surface of some kind to set candles, crystals, or other items on. You want to choose items that matter to you. You may hang pictures on the wall of your family members or things that inspire you each day; you may put a family heirloom on the table or a favorite sea shell you collected from the beach. Perhaps you incorporate items that represent each element (earth, air, fire, and water) or small trinkets that remind you of your favorite memories. Make it your own, and be mindful about what you bring intosacred space. As an example, my meditation space includes pictures of my family members who have passed away as well as a picture of my parents and I, some of my favorite crystals, and candles; there are items that represent the elements of Earth and most importantly, positivity. Some of the small items on my table were my mothers, and my great-great grandmother’s necklace from her graduation sits underneath the pictures of my family. These are things that inspire and motivate me each day. They encourage me and fill me with gratitude. Choose items for your space that do the same.

You could also include things that enhance the environment around you for your meditation; such as a salt lamp or Mala beads. Perhaps you include a diffuser for essential oils, an oil burner, or an incense burner for aromatherapy. You might also keep a bundle of sage or sustainable Palo Santo nearby. Plants also help clean the air and are awesome for promoting positive energy in these spaces.

3 – Create a Routine and Utilize Your Space

Now that you’ve created a beautiful and simple space to nurture and clear your mind, it’s time to put it to use. Set up a meditation routine that works best for you. Do you want to meditate in the morning, or at night? Do you want to meditate every day, or maybe just certain days of the week? Set a goal for yourself on how long you would like to sit each time you meditate.

I also really enjoy having a set procedure that I go through each time I meditate. I always start by lighting my candles and incense. I take a second to ground into the moment and appreciate this time for myself before I begin. I will often burn a little sage or Palo Santo. After my meditation, I say a prayer before blowing out the candles.

If you use tarot cards, you may choose to draw a daily card here. Perhaps you write in your journal afterwards, relax with a zen garden, practice yoga, or use a singing bowl. You may draw, paint, read, or simply go on with your day. Whatever brings your heart peace and gives meaning to this special time for self care.

Singing Bowl ,  One Woman Only, Toned Image, Outdoors By The Lak

Helpful tip: Using guided meditations is VERY helpful for getting started and for learning how to clear your mind and be the watcher of your thoughts. Grab a pair of headphones and try out apps such as Calm or Headspace, or even just look up a video on YouTube. Using the same video or recording each time may help you get into the practice of daily meditation. Here is one of my favorites. 

Incorporating a meditation practice into your routine can welcome so many positive things into your life and curate mindful living. By creating a healthy and safe meditation space for yourself right in your home, you can start 2020 off with a meditation practice that will supplement your life and help support you in your goals for the year ahead.



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