Crystals to Heal Your Heart ♥️

For thousands of years crystals have been used for healing purposes. Working through vibration and releasing unique energies, crystals can aid in physical, emotional, and spiritual relief and exploration. They have the capability to balance the Chakras, stimulate the body, ward off bad energy, and even stop bleeding. Like fingerprints of the Earth, they were formed at our planets birth and contain different energetic properties we can use to our benefit.

Crystals are one of my favorite ways to connect with deeper parts of myself and calm my energy. I’ve been using them often lately to help with deep emotional stress. There are an array of beautiful crystals that can help fill you with self love, and comfort you in times of grief and heartache. They connect to the Heart Chakra, or energy point of the heart. The Heart Chakra also relates to the upper back and lungs. This Chakra rules over love, relationships, emotions, and empathy. By re-balancing this energy, we can begin to heal emotional wounds and love ourselves and others truly and fully.

By placing the crystal over your heart or wearing it as a necklace or bracelet, you can connect with the energy of the crystal and allow it to cleanse and support you. You can also meditate while holding the crystal by imagining a bright light radiating from within, filling you with love and positive energy. Incorporate a self love affirmation or mantra if you’d like. Crystals are like a healing hug from the Earth and can be used by anyone.

I’ve selected a few of my favorite heart healing stones for when you need that extra bit of love!


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Garnet is great for emotional trauma. It activates your instincts, bringing courage and hope in desperate times. It allows your heart to open and can help lend confidence.

Garnet was often worn in battles to fend off wounds. The Greeks also believed it could bring feuding lovers back together again.


This crystal represents selfless love and can aid in emotional release. It can help improve feelings of self worth and relieve your stress and tension. It teaches compassion, and can enhance creativity and elevate mood.

Rhodochrosite is also known as the Rosa del Inca, and was found in pre-Colombian silver mines. Incans believed the pink and red droplet patterns in these stones to be the crystallized blood of their ancient rulers.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is grounding and gives the wearer strength. It is good for times of emotional turmoil, including grief or tragic loss. It helps to ease the nerves and calm overwhelming fears. If you have high anxiety levels, it can be beneficial to carry an Black Onyx worry stone with you.

An ancient myth says that the goddess Venus was relaxing near the Indus River. As she rested, Cupid used one of his arrows to give her a manicure. The parings of her nails fell into the river, and being from the heavenly goddess, sank to the bottom of the river to become Onyx.


This warming, energizing crystals helps ground you to Mother Earth. It helps restore your lost motivation and vitality. Carnelian is excellent when in need of courage, and it helps in making positive choices and accepting the cycles of life. It can protect against resentment and calm anger.

Written record of Carnelian goes back 4000 years. It has been associated with kings and holds value in many ancient cultures around the world.


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Tourmaline is a beautiful, simple crystal that comes in many colors all with different benefits. In general, Tourmaline helps you understand and connect with yourself, diminishing deep fear and boosting confidence. It attracts compassion, inspiration, and even prosperity. In terms of the Heart Chakra and healing emotional pain, green, which opens the heart, and pink, which stimulates wisdom and self love, are the best choices.

Tourmaline is known as a receptive stone. It soothes the soul, promotes meditation, and allows for spiritual and psychic growth. It has been used by many different cultures and is popular among medicine men and ancient healers.


Rhodo means rose-colored, so it’s easy to confuse Rhodochrosite and the beautiful emotional balancer, Rhodonite. They have similar heart activating energies. Rhodonite is better for grounding, and it the perfect remedy for times of intense panic or emotional shock. It helps clear emotional wounds, and promotes forgiveness of the self and others.

  This pretty crystal was discovered in the mountains of Russia in the 1790s. Villagers believed birds carried pieces of Rhodonite back to their nests as protection, and began to add a Rhodonite crystal to their babies cribs as well.

Rose Quartz

When you think of crystals associated with the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz is the first to come to mind. It is the stone of unconditional love, calming and reassuring you in times of crisis. It increases the love for yourself and all living beings, strengthening your sensitivity, empathy, and ability to forgive. It is good for increasing the trust in yourself and others. Think of Rose Quartz as all of the other crystals on this list rolled into one!

Rose Quartz is one of the oldest known crystals, dating back to 7000 B.C. in Mesopotamia (present Iraq). It was used by the Egyptians as a talisman to ward of aging, and was thought to bring beauty to the wearer.

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My favorite way to use crystals is to hold them during my evening meditations or wear them as a simple necklace pendent when I need it. You can find crystal pendants at pretty much any metaphysical shop or crystal store. Even Walmart, Target, and craft stores may carry crystal pendants. It is a good idea to clear any past negative energy of a new crystal. There are many simple methods for this you can find online, including running them through the smoke of burning incense or under cold running water.

Your heart is resilient, and by allowing the crystals to work their magic and believing in yourself, you can surely heal from even the deepest wounds.


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