HelloFresh: a Vegetarian Review

This past week, I received three meals worth of HelloFresh free, courtesy of my dad’s girlfriend. They had told me about the meal delivery services she had ordered from before and how much they enjoyed them so I was excited to give one a try for myself. I was skeptical of  a few things to begin with. First off, I was nervous about what the vegetarian meals would be like. They contained things I had never heard of before like harissa powder and farro, and the pasta recipe contained a mint pesto, which I thought sounded odd. I worked all day long on the day the meals would be delivered. Would they be ruined by the time I got home? And for a vegetarian on a budget, were these three meals a week going to break the bank or be worth the money if I decided to stick with them?

Signing up for the meals to begin with was easy. You can choose between the classic, veggie, or family plans and also notify HelloFresh if you are gluten free or have any allergies. After signing up, you can see your menu for the week, the three meals that will be delivered to you that following Monday. You can also view menus for future weeks, which gives you something to look forward to, right? If you ever decide you don’t like something on the menu or need to cancel just for that week, they give you the option to do that without canceling your whole plan on the app.

My meals arrived while I was gone on Monday, and sat in the box for the entire day. I was happy to find two very thick ice packs that fit the entire bottom of the box. Each meal was packaged nicely in paper bags on top, so everything was cold, fresh, and still crispy. I am impressed that they deliver to my house out on a dirt road in a small mountain town. The bags are labeled and small enough to stick in the fridge so you can pull out one kit at a time as you need them.

The recipe cards are big, easy to read, break down the recipes into easy to follow steps and feature pictures to help people like me make sure they’re actually doing the right thing along the way.

image1 (1)

I loved this experience, to say the least. Every ingredient was fresh and appetizing and they include everything you need besides basics like olive oil, salt, or pepper. I love the idea of reducing food waste by including just the right amount of ingredients while also giving you a few extra cloves of garlic or an extra half an onion; things you’re likely to actually use.


Every meal was easy to make and produced a delicious and obviously healthy product.  My first three meals consisted of Penne Primevera, Harissa Sweet Potato Pita Pockets, and a Gorgeous Green Farro Bowl, so I also had a variety of options and flavors to pick from each day.  I was pleasantly surprised at each meal, and getting to try new flavors and textures that I would’ve never considered before was really exciting for a vegetarian with limited food options in the mountains. It’s also exciting to see that I am capable of cooking!

The cost for three HelloFresh meals is around $60 dollars a week. Considering I had plenty of leftovers to eat for lunch the days after I made the food, these three meals kept me full for almost the entire week. At $20 dollars a meal, I think it’s fair to say it might’ve cost more to go buy all the ingredients for these recipes myself. Plus, I’m experiencing a variety of flavors from different cultures and getting all the proteins and nutrients I need. It’s been a super fun and tasty experience that I’d highly recommend to everyone.

image3If you want to give HelloFresh a go, you can go to their website and enter my referral code at checkout: SKYLERDAN, for $40.00 off your first order! Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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