Becoming Vegetarian: One of the Biggest (and Best) Decisions of My Life

Sometimes I think I was born a vegetarian. My mom’s always told me that my favorite food was salad with ranch dressing, and I’d eat my fruit and vegetables before I ever touched meat. Growing up, I always thought about what was on my plate as I was eating it. By the time I was sixteen, I was extremely bothered by the taste and texture of meat  and couldn’t take a bite without thinking about the fact that it was pig or chicken or cow that I was eating. I started to really research and question what we have been taught our whole lives: we are omnivores by nature and tradition, and meat is vital to our health.

I saw Time Magazine’s “The Animal Mind” in 2014 at the grocery store and I was quick to purchase it. I read the magazine and every article very carefully, highlighting things that I’d take notes on and later research more into. Honestly, I credit this magazine with helping me make the final decision that animals were worth any hardship I THOUGHT I’d face becoming vegetarian. In another post, I will dive deeper into my opinion on this edition of TIME and what exactly I highlighted those four years ago, but for now it’s worth ordering on Amazon for $13.99 if you can and seeing if it resonates with you, too.

Anyway, I began giving up meat slowly but completely. I looked more into the consciousness of animals, the science behind vegetarianism/veganism and the body, and what proof there was that such intense damage was being done to the planet because of our dependency on meat. Here’s a thing I often feel like meat-eaters don’t realize when the argument comes up: vegans and vegetarians are drastically, and near permanently, changing their lifestyle when they make the decision to give up meat and dairy. It is possible, but difficult, to go back to eating meat after not having it for even a few months; some who have describe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and headaches until their body readjusts; not to mention how difficult it is (currently; veggie options are improving!) to eat out for us. We also have to deal with a fair amount of ridicule and criticism from those who don’t understand our position. Most of us don’t just complete this transformation over night; it is a big decision that takes dedication, determination, and compassion. And in order to make that decision, I feel that, for myself at least, I wanted to be EDUCATED on why I was doing this and HOW it was going to affect my body. When you get into that argument, be prepared that we probably have a fair amount of knowledge on what were talking about.

I made that decision 4 years ago this June; that animals of all kind deserve to live a life of peace and happiness, that our planet was suffering from operations of the meat and farm animal industry, that my body was better off without it, and that it wasn’t going to be as pricey as I had been told it’d be. I haven’t had a single regret over these four years. It’s one of the biggest and best decisions of my life and I’m proud of it.

Now that I’ve had more experience as a vegetarian, I’ve found some awesome recipes along the way, read and learned more on the subject than my brain can contain, and have began exploring steps to veganism. I plan to share some of those recipes here, some of my views on spirituality and vegetarianism, some of my favorite yoga routines, adventures of my best friend Koa (my pitbull/boxer) and I, and anything else that I think will help inspire others to try to live a more natural, earth friendly life too.

If I could reach my biggest dream, I would eventually work in conservation actively and advocate for animal rights. This blog is a place to gather all my thoughts and hopefully begin that journey. ❤ Thanks for reading!


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